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PKF Professional Services (Known at various times as Pannell Fitzpatrick & Co., Pannell Kerr Forster, and Pannell Awobo Yusufu & Co.) is a member firm of PKF International network.

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PKF International Limited (PKFI) administers the PKF network of legally independent member firms.

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TAX ALERT - Recent Business Disruptions

Recent Business Disruptions - Further tax palliatives to ameliorate the effect of COVID 19 and EndSARS Protests. It is no longer news that COVID-19 hit the global economy hard. The impact of the pandemic ranges from the drastic decline in business activities to organizations shutting down their operations and laying off of employees, just to mention a few. The impact of the pandemic can hardly be ignored. While organizations are still licking this wound, “EndSARS Protest” broke out.

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The Finance Act 2019 was introduced by the Government of Nigeria in the year 2020 to promote the ease of doing business in the Country for Small and Medium Enterprises and align with best practices around the world. Significant Changes were made to The Company Income Tax Act, VAT Act, and Capital Gains Tax Act

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